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As a Marketing Producer at Local 5, I'm responsible for writing, shooting, and editing promotions that will engage our viewers and elevate brand identity. Here you will find some of my best work!

Favorite Projects

Throughout my continued learning process in video production, some projects have been special to me. I often look back at them for inspiration and reminder that creating videos are my favorite thing to do. Here are some projects I am really proud of. 

Screenshot 2023-09-26 232841.png

Proof of Performance

A POP or "Proof of Performance" often reminds the viewer of the station's core values. Through promotions, we establish brand identity and examples of when the news coverage has upheld it's principles when seeking the truth. 

Special Stories

My favorite type of edits are story promotions. They are essentially short trailers with the goal of creating excitement and interest for an upcoming project. The key is to grab the viewer's attention within the first images and convey emotion and a promise without giving the whole story away. 


Chris Kuball

Summer arrives and Chris Kuball (Meteorologist) joins Local 5 News. Here is a collection of promotions I produced with the goal of introducing him to our viewers while diving into some of his background. He is part of the team now and these promotions show a great addition he is. 

We Are Iowa's Most Accurate Forecast

Weather is the number one reason audiences watch local news. Local 5 is proud to be certified the most accurate forecast in Iowa for 17 consecutive years. Weather promotions are created to show that accuracy and build trust with viewers.

Screenshot 2023-09-20 213335_edited.jpg

Radio Spots

Being an ABC affiliate, Local 5 will often receive radio spots where my goal is to tag them with our local stories. Writing for radio is a lot more visual and here are some spots I've produced recently.   

Emmy Nominations 2023Edited by Carlos Botelho
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Made in IowaEdited by Carlos Botelho
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Meet the Sayaxangs Edited by Carlos Botelho
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