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During the 2022 and 2023 baseball season, I worked as a video production intern for the Iowa Cubs in Des Moines! This was a great experience in which I had the chance to work on directing, performing replays, operating cameras, and running graphics/promotions throughout each home game.



Screenshot 2022-10-26 001236.png

Camera 1
Located on the outfield wall, camera 1 is stationary and used to capture all the pitches throughout the match.
Camera 2 
Also known as high home, camera 2 follows all hits as the ball goes into the outfield or fall ball areas.
​Camera 3 
Located next to the home dugout, camera 3 shoots all left-handed batters and the pitcher in case of a right-handed batter.
Camera 4
Located next to the away dugout, camera 4 shoots all right-handed batters and the pitcher in case of a left-handed batter.
Camera 5
A portable camera covers the leading runner on base or fan/stadium shots during between-inning promotions.

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